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What we do:

NT Gaming was created with the goal of helping players develop healthier relationships with gaming. This includes introducing balance, the right mindset, effective communication, and future opportunities to gamers. 

Unlike other esports organizations, we focus on more than just winning. We aim to teach players skills and ideas they can transfer from the game to everyday life.

Our esports leagues:

Our leagues offer a traditional sports program for the not-so-traditional athlete. Students are able to partake in friendly competition against local schools, pursue their passion, and prepare themselves for college scholarships. 

Time Commitment: We have fall and spring seasons for our leagues, each lasting 15 weeks. Within that time students will participate in a kick-off event, two games per week, and a final in-person tournament. 

Teams and Pricing: There will be several teams per league with each team consisting of 3-6 players. Schools can have multiple teams per league. The cost associated with joining a team is $249 per student. 

The Leagues: Each game below will have its own league.

Getting started:

Email us at and include your school's name.

Keep the following dates in mind for Fall 2019:

May 16th -- Informational Session at NT Gaming

June 19th -- Confirm your school's participation

August 9th -- Provide payment to NT Gaming

August 31st -- Kick-off event

September 2nd -- First day of the season

Contact Us:

526 S Main St, Akron, OH 44311

(330) 648-5408

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